zooey deschanel in all the real girls (2003)

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Do you even have a micro penis?

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"—-that was too much, wasn’t it?”


"—-that was too much, wasn’t it?”

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"Your dad has terrible taste in women. That’s why I love him so much. Remember the one who pretended to be a paraplegic?"

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"I only need to change one tiny thing about my appearance and even my closest friends don’t recognise me. A slight change of hair colour or make-up is usually enough. It makes for an easier life. I guess I’ve got one of those faces that’s easily adaptable". - ZD (x)

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Zooey with fans, Sept 17.


Zooey with fans, Sept 17.

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Were you rebellious when you were younger? You seem like someone who maybe wouldn’t care so much what authority figures might think, like you’d express yourself no matter what…

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the saga

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Don’t wait for me, Ted. Cause I might be a while.

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